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October 27, 2020

Spurs Twitter agree that San Antonio need to tank and here’s their pick in the lottery

With five games behind the Memphis Grizzlies and still to face the toughest team in the league, the playoff streak is in jeopardy. Adding to the insult, they’re playing without their key big man. They need to finish into a 16-4 if Memphis continues to be a 41 winning team this season according to Paul Garcia of Project Spurs. Earlier today the Spurs also announced that Dejounte Murray underwent an MRI examination as he’s out indefinitely. The chances of Spurs is very low at this point. So some Spurs in Twitter believe the tanking should start now. For that scenario, the Spurs got a chance in the lottery which much better prospect immerge. Currently, they had 2% of chances to land the top pick, 9%the of top four and 77% of 11th pick.

Some pick the best player available on the drafts and others choose the best fit of what they need. The Spurs are known for drafting well at the end of the first round. For the first time after the lottery selection of Tim Duncan, after 23 years the Spurs are here again assuming they’re losing more games.

The Spur’s biggest needs are their frontcourt, as the injury bug them all season. The signings on free agents last season didn’t go well. Team outrebounded San Antonio, while sometimes they played in out of position at small forward.

Here’s the prospect who can help the Spurs to get in contention right away.

James Wiseman, Center

Spurs will be dominant if they can get him” as Jay Bara of Bestsportsmanpodcast qouted.

This 19 year old kid is a hardworking dominant force in the paint with a pretty cool touch from the midrange. If he did’nt quit in Memphis Tigers he could be a potetial top overall pick. In just three games, Wiseman average 19.7 points, 10.7 rebounds and 3 blocks. He’s only weakness is his passing game. Once he get the ball in the paint, his man likely to fouled him. The big man is great on how to position himself for an opportunity to score.

The Spur’s biggest now and the future, a big who can play on both ends, which the Spurs doesn’t have after Tim Duncan retired. A must need for San Antonio as LaMarcus Aldridge had just only one more year remaining at his contract. Given also with his age the Spurs isn’t likely going to invest him long term. While a great defensive genius to be paired with Jakob Poeltl assuming he will resign with the Spurs. If the Spurs can pick this guy, they could be an instant contender in two years.

Probably that Memphis guy,” said Derek Cuellar, Jay Bara’s partner in Bestmansports. “So dominant. He would completely turnaround the organization for the Spurs. We need a guy like him to help us compete with these powerhouse teams in the Western Conference.”

Deni Advija, Small Forward

After the former Spurs small forward became a diva and got traded for DeRozan the Spurs didn’t find a perfect replacement on his position. Which DeMar DeRozan occupied even he’s a small guard in his playing career. It resulted in Spurs becoming their weakness defensively. The Israeli sensation numbers don’t make you jump, but the potential to be a good player in the future is likely. He’s free throw percentage is bad together with his NBA 3 point range. With his young age, a proper work ethic could help his improvement. Deni Advija shot selection is one of the good things about him as he not forcing bad shots.

The Spurs send a scout on Advija year ago to check his development. His NBA draft stock is increasing as he’s the second pick overall in Bleacher Report mock draft. This kid is an excellent defender as he’s like a horse that never stops working. For this year he’s a top rank European prospect.

“Tank for Deni” as Monty Smith tweeted most of the time.

Obi Toppin, Power Forward

An athletic big who can jump all over everybody on his way to the rim. Toppin led the NCAA on dunks the same as he tops the box scores with 20 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 1.2 blocks and a steal per game. The Spurs doesn’t have a power forward and Trey Lyles isn’t the answer in the position. Luka Samanic looks like to spend another year in the G League. The sophomore from Dayton is an immediate impact player for San Antonio. With his age of 22, the only weakness is his rebounding skill which could be a no problem if the Spurs retain Jakob Poeltl. An excellent defender on his size, who can run in the transition to chasing blocks or steals the ball. While Toppin only a 70% free throw shooter he made one three per game for solid 39%.Shooting is what the Spurs need now, with him he will likely an option. Obi drives and energy can impact his teammates.

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