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October 22, 2020

Spurs trade that can help the franchise to get promising

With two first-round exits in the last two seasons after Kawhi Leanard injury in Game one of the Western Conference finals in 2017. The Spurs are now on in danger of missing the playoffs with 32 games left. Since November, they are on the losing record and now 22-28 three games behind the surging Memphis Grizzlies. They lead by two former All-Stars heavy mid-range hitters. If the front office wants to get better aside from their young guys who had potential they can look elsewhere for help.

These guys are also in the same age as Spurs’ future that can really blossom to San Antonio’s system.

Spurs receive, Kevin Knoxx

Knicks receive, Bryn Forbes, 2020 SPurs first round pick

The Knicks are blowing it up becomes the biggest seller with the NBA trade market. All players are available except for Mitchell Robinson and RJ Barrett. Kevin Knoxx a former ninth pick overall two years ago having a bad year after a good start last season as a rookie. His minutes went down from 28 to 18 this season, the same with his scoring. The lack of good development lowers his stocks.

With the San Antonio Spurs, which proven to revitalized careers. Knoxx could get his minutes as a small forward which the SPur used DeMar DeRozan. This kid out of Kentucky is just 20 years old and can be a better player or an All-Star if his development going right. A 6’7 forward with a big body that had playmaking skills. If the Spurs go after him, they can move him into a starting five as a three while DeRozan back to his original position. Another threat to scoring who can do on his own. So the Spurs won’t rely on DeRozan if he extends with San Antonio.

Spurs receive, Kelly Oubre

Suns gets, Rudy Gay, Spurs first round pick in 2020

The Phoenix Suns are selling Kelly Oubre Jr despite having a career year. His the team second leading scorer with 18.5 points per game, also had 6.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game and shooting 35% from the arc. Kelly Oubre evolve his game more than a 3 and D. His young and atheltic with a playoff experince back with the Washington Wizards. A good fit to modern NBA with his size. This guy never back down in any battle.

In San Antonio, he can be a good starter next to LaMarcus Aldridge. The pressure on the veteran for the scoring load will be lessened. They will also improve defensively as this guy can switch to any position. Only 24 years old as have a lot to improve with his talent.

Either the Spurs will get interested in both of these guys teams will make better. Trading veterans and pick to a player who had potential and having a great season will put you into a piece away to be playoff material. San Antonio needs help from a proven guy or any young talent. As the team wants to grow and compete sooner than later.

For the Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks a first-round picks and to free cap space is good enough to make another rebuild.

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