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October 22, 2020

Spurs That are Fun to Watch

Media hype the franchise as old and boring. Lesser national TV exposures for the past years. No superstar that can give them a reel highlights every night. They’re no killer crossovers and no lights out shooting threes. But here are the guys that we had some fun watching them.

Gregg Popovich

There is no coach that can give fun than Pop. With his sideline interview and a one-word answer. He is the only coach in history doing this without explanation with staring eyes. Popovich is fun to watch and the quickest coach to be ejected in just 63 seconds.

LaMarcus Aldridge

The midrange isn’t boring, the fade away one-legged was fun to watch. Dirk invented this signature shot. Aldridge made his own version to create separation. No big man can do this in the current NBA. They keep shooting threes. But the out balanced fade away is still efficient for him.

Demar DeRozan

He is the most exciting fun to watch after Manu Ginobili. From poster dunks to 360 layups. DeRozan is the most athletic Spur. When he’s going to take off it’s hard to stop him. He loves to be on an isolation play most of the time.

Rudy Gay

A 6’8″ guy who can jump in the building. Gay was fantastic on the rim as he dunks over people. A fearless man who takes advantage of his frame.

Derrick White

It’s fun to watch when he’s exploded for his points. How he bullied his man in the paint for a bucket. White can also block a shot no matter how tall they are. Then who can’t love the way he dunked over the big man. Yes, he’s not dunking over point guard but with the centers.

Marco Belinelli

The Italian sharpshooter landing awkwardly every shot he takes. It looks dangerous but later on, it gives fun in our eyes. Either he takes it in transition or in a screen Marco made some beauty on it. Belinelli as a passer was underrated and the no-look pass is a perfect thing he did on his career.

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