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October 24, 2020

Spurs Success will likely use to Team USA

Superstars refused to play for Team USA for the upcoming FIBA World Cup. Maybe this is the worst roster since the 2004 Olympics. There is no MVP or first All NBA the best player they had is Donovan Mitchell. The third-year guard from Utah Jazz.

Buzzing around that nobody wants to play for Popovich. Even a coach from Serbia mocking this team that “God help them” when they played each other. Superstars want to focus on their upcoming season. To get healthy and can contribute to their mother team.

Let’s not forget that this is still a twelve talented group of guys. That playing from the best league in the universe. A collection of good character willing to sacrifice for his country. Like of the Spurs, that who’s come and play with the team. They maximize their skills, they revitalized their career. Even a low key player, late-round picks or undrafted. The Spurs system was a great part of it.

As a reward, they win the ultimate goal. Just ask Mike Finley, Boris Diaw, Danny Green and others who come to the Spurs. They also get rewarded by signing a huge contract with the Spurs or with another team. Popovich system is simple to play hard do maximize your effort every time your ass take the floor.

Team USA had enough guys who can still take the crown. They had Kemba Walker who plays the point and can take over the game. A talented Mitchell, Tatum, and Kyle Kuzma. Bigs who can pass, score and defend the rim with Lopez and Turner. Backing up by Mason Plumlee a good center who can do all little things.

The perimeter is safe with the like of Kris Middleton, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Derrick White. They are still the team to be at because of depth. The best player will be like of Giannis Antetokoumnpo or Nikola Jokic. But there is no comes closer like what the USA had.

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