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October 25, 2020

Spurs Starting five should be the Silver team first five in a scrimmage

The Spurs potential starting five at the opening night will be the Silver team in the first five in the scrimmage. They’re Aldridge, Poeltl, DeRozan, Forbes, and Murray. So far it was a good combination of balance in the offense. LaMarcus Aldridge who can score on post up or midrange. While DeRozan a good slasher who can also get to the paint and set up his teammates. Jakob Poeltl helps his team giving second-chance points and setting hard screens. The Spurs starting point guard Dejounte Murray had confidence in his shot. While Bryn Forbes the most important piece on offense of this roster.

With Forbes, he is the one who balances them on the court. His shooting was so important to the team which limited in spacing even he is only a fourth option offensively. Defensively they are great with DeRozan only is average at best. On the other hand, Forbes was limited because of his size but he improved by guarding the passing lane. The Spurs can employ Murray to the opponent’s best perimeter offensive player.

Three of the starting five can play point guard and the rest can move to the basket without the ball.

The bench will lead by Derrick White, Rudy Gay, and Patty Mills. These guys can start on any team in the league. The bench will rely on White defense and point guard duties. Patty Mills and Rudy Gay for leadership and spark on offense. The Spurs had the top five benches in the league. They had a mix of young and veterans. Add Demarre Carroll which is a workhorse in defense that can also score if needed. Lonnie Walker and Trey Lyles was a good project with a lot of potentials.

The starting five was just an initial evaluation if how good it goes. This is the first time the Spurs had a healthy guy in the last three years. With injuries to regular starters, the Spurs struggle to find momentum. That resulted in a seventh seed and two first-round exits in two years.

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