May 17, 2021

Spurs Stars Struggled Early but somebody CONSISTENTLY Produced

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Spurs star struggled early in the first half with Demar Derozan came back from injury had two points 1 out of 9 from the field without free throw attempted, and the LONE ALL STAR Lamarcus Aldridge can’t put anything on the box.But Derrick White keep the Spurs on the game with his game high 15 points on first half alone and he had a career night with 26 points and 6 assist the last one is he set up Aldridge and got a three point play to settle a four point led.

White give the Spurs depth on guard positions as he improves his playmaking ability. Consistency from production is the reason the Spurs win games even Derozan had worst shooting on this few games.

All starters finished in double figures and Patty Mills led the bench with 17 points. Aldridge was named ALL STAR earlier with 20 and 13 and ensure to clutch free throws, Derozan tallied 15 and 10, 13 in second half with 4 out of 7 in the field and 5 made free throws in 6 attempts.

A competitive game were the NETS is a playoff team currently 6th in East, who not yet find a way to win in San Antonio since Game 2 of 2003 NBA Finals.

Derrick White give fans reason to believe, as every game he played well whoever the opponents and he don’t need the ball to much to make an impact with the team.

Spurs improved to 31-22 and 19 games away to reach the 50 wins which they failed to get last season.

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