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October 25, 2020

Spurs show potential in a sloppy win against the Knicks

It’s just a first game of the season for San Antonio Spurs but the excitement is all over me. The game was a little sloppy for the Spurs which they turned over the ball 21 times. That the Knicks take advantage to score 32 points from it. With the return of Dejounte Murray, the Spurs jump to an early lead as much as 17 in the second quarter. They had full control of the game in the first half of his aggression. Put his team on top by giving his teammates the perfect spot to score.

Until the third quarter when they get a little sloppy turning the ball over where the Knicks outscored them 33-24. The Spurs are down by six in the fourth quarter 97-91 with 8:40 to go. Until DeRozan finds his groove to made consecutive baskets which they completed a run 18-0 to take full control of the game. The Knicks was scoreless in all 5: 08 of the fourth.

The starting five was a little surprised when Trey Lyles inserted. He was a replacement after Marcus Morris Sr reneged his contract to the Spurs. He perfectly suited as the next best shooter in the court. Where Aldridge can make his will inside. He is excellent on his role grabbed 11 rebounds, limited the opportunity of second chance point for the Knicks. LaMarcus Aldridge had a game-high 22 points and Bryn Forbes had 20 points who continue to get his buckets. DeMar DeRozan had struggled to his offense in the first three quarters. But he tallied 10 points in the final quarter.

The Spurs only had attempted 21 threes and converted seven they are tied to Indiana Pacers in today’s games. The Miami Heat had the lowest 18 attempts. The Spurs is not fully committed to this aspect of the game. Which they rely on an inside game that ends well for the team.


The run in the fourth was a product of improvement on defense lead by Dejounte. A thing that lacks on the team last season. In that sequence, Murray had a steal, force to drew an offensive foul, two defensive rebounds in defense. On offense added two assists, a three-point shot which makes the Spurs ahead and sits comfortably in the remaining five minutes of the game. The most important is he didn’t turn the ball over which he had four in the first three quarters. Even the bench played well on which Jacob Poeltl’s first point was a huge dunk, the big man from Austria running on transition defense that leads to a block that saves two points.

This is only a small sample size but the potential from a good to a great team is shown when they are down. Spurs need to improve on caring for the ball which Dejounte and DeMar task.

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