May 17, 2021

Spurs should WAIVE Pau Gasol and sign BIG from BUYOUT market


The team currently needs a big man to help LaMarcus Aldridge battle in the paint. Davis Bertans is stunning the whole league in his very good three-point shooting and also shows a good defense while Jakob Poeltl continue to show improvement in every game he is playing despite of his young age.

Meanwhile, Pau Gasol’s age affects his performance and continue to struggle. According to reports, Gasol demands to be traded, but none of the 29 other teams took risk in trading for him because of his age. It is not easy for the Spurs to release him for now. The best thing they should do is to buy-out his contract and sign a big name released by other teams to help the team to make it to the playoffs.

There are rumors that there are lots of big man who will be bought-out like of Enes Kanter of New York Knicks, Robin Lopez of Chicago Bulls and Frank Kaminsky of Charlotte Hornets. Lopez could be the best fit for the Spurs after playing with Aldridge years ago for Portland Trail Blazers.

They can also look for a wing as well as scorers off the bench and may sign free agents like Carmelo Anthony, Markieff Morris, and Omri Casspi.

Releasing Pau Gasol and signing a good player will make the team better. Spurs can be a dangerous threat to any top teams on the Western Conference like Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Portland TrailBlazers when healthy.

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