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October 23, 2020

Spurs should wait until the offseason began before moving DeMarre Carroll

With reports came from DeMarre Carroll that he wants out of the San Antonio Spurs, it’s not a good idea for the team to approve his request. After signed him for a 3-year deal worth 21 million, Carroll had a remaining more than 8 million guaranteed money after this season. This amount is a huge help for the Spurs this coming offseason. They had DeMar DeRozan that can opt-out his player option worth 27 million which the Spurs need to think if he’s part of the future. Spurs also need to match any offer to Jakob Poeltl which set to be a free agent this summer as they failed to last him last October. Spurs need to pay DeMarre Carroll for the guaranteed amount left on his contract if they buyout him.

The Spurs can salvage this Carroll deal if they can wait until the season’s end. His value is not worth a mid-second round or say Carroll had no value at all after the Spurs buried him on the bench. Unless the Spurs will not make the playoffs and had games left which the coaching staff can send him on the court to try for an audition to another team. If Carroll had good showing then the Spurs can find takers on draft night worth a second-round pick or a contending team next season. His contract is easy to move next season as the amount of guaranteed money is less than 2 million.

The veteran can also be move if the Spurs can find another bad contract on other teams. With this situation, the Spurs can give another shot if the guy they pick up can help San Antonio. Same with trading him throwing together a second-round pick which Spurs had a history of sending them to the G League or overseas.

Spurs can find talent that can help their campaign next season by paying worth 6-8 million. A good talented player that can fit with the team. For the years, San Antonio just contented to signed players out of their prime who’s recovering from injuries like Pau Gasol which Spurs offered an extension after his first year, Rudy Gay after his ACL injury, and now DeMarre Carroll after his disappointing season with the Brooklyn Nets. The franchise couldn’t land a big fish in free agency as they think San Antonio is not fit with the culture that they want.

With the Spurs who had upcoming young players who need to get paid to secure the future with the team. They need every drop of their dollars. Derrick White which a huge part of their success now and a great piece to Spurs future need to extend this coming October. Then Lonnie Walker IV is next. The Spurs will look like a fool if they’re trying to give DeMarre Carroll’s request for the buyout. They already lost on paying him this season so it’s right for them to wait the right time to settle once again.

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