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October 31, 2020

Spurs should still be thankful to LaMarcus Aldridge

The Spur’s biggest free agent signed in franchise history back in 2015. The hopes to continue the winning tradition with Tim Duncan on the twilight of his glorifying career. To pair with the young Kawhi Leonard with the guidance of Popovich and the Big Three. There’s nothing that they can’t do if Leonard didn’t become a diva.

To summarize Aldridge still underachieved on everything as the Spurs expected a lot from him. The greatest ran they had is in 2017 as they were swept by the Golden State Warriors with a controversial game one. The Spurs big man faltered in big moments after Kawhi Leonard went down. LaMarcus Aldridge’s aggressiveness is not enough to give his team a chance to win. Then the next two years is two first-round exits.

Spurs organization still be thankful to Aldridge despite everything. With him staying on the team to guide the future of the franchise is the most important thing. After the dilemma, Kawhi Leonard made, the Spurs still made a good run in the last two years. They got a chance to develop that kind of Dejounte Murray, Derrick White to perform in the postseason. Playing for the most important games of the season is something young players in the league yet to experience while losing a handful of games. With the veteran in the team, they had an eagerness to win every game. The young guys not even give themselves to develop their skills but also to challenge to win. Even, it’s obvious about his desires to get back with the Portland Trail Blazers to finish his career, he’s been played all his heart in San Antonio. After a heart to heart talk with Gregg Popovich, Aldridge has been a guy who committed himself to be a bridge for the future.

The Spurs need a guy who got a character more than a talented one. A man who can be a model into his guys and the community. Even the Spurs fully guaranteed his contract, it’s still in doubt if he will play in Silver and Black this season. Aldridge isn’t a guy who will put his team on his back but he’s a good compliment. Aldridge knows the Spurs aren’t going to do something special he stayed, unlike other stars who formed a superteam to crippled the competition.

San Antonio Spurs have a lot of guys under 27 to build on. Dejounte Murray has already been an All-Defensive talent as the youngest in league history. Derrick White with his beautiful entrance in the playoffs last year. All of these are with the help of LaMarcus Aldridge.

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