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October 20, 2020

Spurs should offer Aldridge to the Miami Heat this offseason

The Miami Heat reached the NBA Finals when an underrated cast from Jimmy Butler, the breakout year of Bam Adebayo, and sensation rookie Tyler Herro. They swept Indiana Pacers in the first round while overwhelmed the league-leading Milwaukee Bucks in just five games. Then closeout the much deeper Boston Celtics in the Western Conference Finals. It was one of the best runs of the team in recent history on which teams now forming superteams. But the too much size of Los Angeles Lakers put them in 0-2 hole after two games of the NBA Finals. Without Bam Adebayo, the Lakers dominate the paint while keeping the Lakers shooters open outside. They don’t have any answers to Anthony Davis even they put Myers Leonard and Kelly Olynyk.

Before the trade deadline, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs rumored to an idea of trading LaMarcus Aldridge to the Heat but it looks like the Spurs asked for too much. They can discuss once again this offseason if the Spurs are willing to shop LaMarcus Aldridge.

Both teams can help each other, Miami is a contender so boosting their frontcourt is a must. While Spurs is still on the rebuilding stage, they can get future assets while liquidating the contract of Aldridge.

Here is the trade could be like.

Spurs receive Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder, via sign and trade around 12 million annually for two years, a 2021 first-round pick, and 22 second-round pick.

Heat receive LaMarcus Aldridge and a 2021 second-round pick.

Why does Miami will benefit this deal? They can contend right away, Aldridge is still a good player that can help the Heat in the postseason. He’s going to be a good mentor to Bam Abedayo to reach his full potential either he starts or comes off the bench. The big man shoots 39% of his shots from the arc and a very good in pick and pop play. Then with a year left in his contract, it could create a cap space that Heat rumored to make a run with Giannis Antetokoumnpo in 2021. Also, they can pay Bam Abedayo this offseason who is eligible for an extension. Trading an aging Andre Iguodala with 30 million left on the books makes sense financially. They still could look elsewhere for a much cheaper, younger, and the healthier guy that can help the long term basis.

For San Antonio Spurs, they can build with their current roster. As we witnessed, the team almost put away the post in the bubble game and went to a fast pace often. They made an effective offense when they play faster which is fit for the young guys who love running. Andre Iguodala’s experience could help the Spurs wing to learn. While short term, Jae Crowder could be fit in a small ball version of San Antonio. These guys also will be a trade target for contenders when the season run. If works out, it could put the Spurs defense on top once again which is a lack to the team last season.

Then the future first-round pick will be a huge one. The Spurs already perfected the NBA draft no matter where they pick a guy. Giving them the opportunity to pick twice could be an advantage. They had the best front office and scout to do an excellent job that can help their franchise to be much better.

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