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November 24, 2020

Spurs Should give Lyles his Minutes

The team needs depth in frontcourt behind Aldridge and Poeltl. The Spurs on the right track when Marcus Morris initially agreed to a two-year deal. Right away they traded sharpshooter Davis Bertans to create cap space for him. But he reconsiders and choose the New York Knicks.

So the Spurs look for another option and got Trey Lyles. A former top pick by Utah Jazz in 2015. Playing limited minutes with the Nuggets last season. Lyles had a range who can help the Spurs on offense. He can’t replace Davis Bertans range but he can add his playmaking skills. Trey was a good offensive threat from the perimeter or post.

Trey Lyles had the grit to face tougher opponents. Unlike Bertans, who is a matchup problem on defense. Lyles can guard four positions at best with his quick feet and active hands.

Looks like they had another option in the post outside of Aldridge. Without the All-Star big man on the court. Guards need to find a way on their to score. With Lyles, they can start a play down low which can create a double team. Jakob Poeltl was limited on offense which they relied too much on LaMarcus.

Lyles needs to prove he is valuable with the team. Popovich will look at how he can be perfectly fit in the system.

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