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October 27, 2020

Spurs should bid on Jerami Grant in free agency

Jerami Grant has been a huge part of the Denver Nuggets success that was eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in five games of the Western Conference Finals. They went in a couple of game seven in the previous rounds after down 3-1 in both series. Grant who will have a player option this offseason will opt-out according to his agent and want to get paid around 14 to 16 million annually. The Denver Nuggets have multiple free agents in a couple of weeks. They have Paul Millsap, Torey Craig, Monte Morris, Mason Plumlee, and Grant. Denver also needs to prioritize Michael Porter Jr as he’s eligible to sign an extension. The Nuggets must think if who will be the most priority that can help the team’s long-term goal.

For San Antonio, this move could help them if they can lure Grant to San Antonio. The 25-year-old played his last four seasons in a small market team which isn’t a problem for him to play with another team like the Spurs. This kid is just improving every year as he scored in double figures in two consecutive seasons. The team oldest guys that leading their rebuilding process was Derrick White at age 26. Signing him doesn’t make a huge leap but with a guy who can do everything will be great for the Spurs.

First, how can the Spurs acquire Jerami Grant? Bid and pay him! With the Spurs’ lack of flexibility to sign a free agent, this offseason they should make a trade for one of their expiring contact. Rudy Gay is one of the easiest to move given how he did in the bubble. With this move, the Spurs can offer Grant what does he wants 16 million annually. Plus a less toxic culture, with Popovich he could be a useful asset. He’s always ready to go whatever he wants to do. Grant would love the city and the fans if he will sign in San Antonio.

How does Jeramy Grant fit for the current Spur?

Defensively he’s an elite at age 25, he got six playoff series on his belt. Grant is the big reason why the Nuggets survived the elimination twice, guarded Donovan Mitchell, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James in three series. The Spurs already had a great defensive piece individually, once they put great chemistry it’s hard for somebody to score. Jerami Grant at 6’8″ can guard anybody from a small ball line up, he’s feet never struggle to stay in front of his man. Either hand can swat or steal the ball without fouling. Grant had the quickness to follow some quick guards. At 210 lb, he’s big to guard elite small and power forward as Grant had a 6’10” wingspan. Adding him will help the Spurs defense back into an elite status which they were known in years.

On the offensive side of basketball, he’s a good creator for himself. Jerami Grant did it by posting up against his man that also used his size in every mismatch he got. A good three-point shooter as he made 39% of his attempts. With a good slasher like DeMar DeRozan, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, and Lonnie Walker IV, Grant could be a great addition as a shooter without sacrificing the defense.

At age 25, Grant still has a higher ceiling on his game. A great organization like San Antonio, he could still develop his game. Being a second-round pick in 2014, 39th overall he’s an overachiever as Grant already played 35 playoffs games the most among his draft class. He’s already a veteran in a real battle with a healthy body. Jeremy Grant never played less than 70 games in the last five years, 65 is the lowest on his rookie year.

A quiet and tough guy could be fit in San Antonio like Jerami Grant so signing him makes sense for the long-term goal.

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