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October 23, 2020

Spurs Rookie looking for a matchup against the Lakers and Lebron James

The NBA celebrates the Rookie Week and Quindary Weatherspoon sit to give the answer to Q&A.

He said he was looking forward to facing the Lakers and James.

” The team I am most looking forward to is the Lakers. The player i am looking most to play against is LeBron James.”

He added his favorite sneakers were the Kevin Durant Line.

The Spurs and the Lakers will face four times every season. Only time will tell of Weatherspoon can play on one of them. He is now on the Spurs roster who signed in a two-way contract. More of his time will be in Austin to develop his skills among others.

In the Summer League, the 49th pick of the NBA draft shows that he can handle the point guard duties.

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