August 4, 2021

Spurs quiet offseason was paying off

The Spurs has been the Spurs, they don’t usually make a huge move even they had a chance. After a season that they missed the playoffs for the first time in two decades, the front office continues to believe in what they’re doing for years. To works in the talent that they have. Spurs have one of the youngest rosters for years that got a lot of potentials. Pundits believed and count the Spurs out again this year in the playoffs. One of the worst teams in the league. The ESPN NBA ranks DeMar DeRozan as the 82nd best in the league. Nobody believes Dejounte Murray to be the Spurs point guard even the “Spurs fans”. LaMarcus Aldridge already washed up while Rudy Gay and Patty Mills should be traded to a contender for a pick. Instead after 23 games, the Spurs went 13-10, and eight of the wins come against the teams above .500. They were 6-2 in a game decided by five points or less. Five of its losses were very close which could go another way after most of them had calls against them. Spurs win against the Lakers, Clippers, Blazers, Nuggets, Celtics, and Raptors which boost their confidence going on. They are now the five teams in the Western Conference.

Their veterans playing great so far with the young guys building great team chemistry. DeMar DeRozan let the young guys to did their things offensively but he still averages 20/5/5 this season. This is the final year of DeRozan after her picked up his option last summer. It could be a great addition to the young squad if he could maintain his game on the highest level. With the way, he fits into the squad the Spurs would not hesitate to offer him a contract next offseason to help this team put in the next level. DeRozan competes on both ends of the court so far, he evolves his game by taking good shot from the three which he made 13 all season at 35% shooting.

The Spurs also on their highest pace this season at 101 which means less isolation and fewer post up. LaMarcus Aldridge’s game and role regressed drastically but he’s still effective on pick and pop. The big man accepts this responsibility to put the new young guys to let play their game.

The Spurs are the best teams in NBA with limiting turnovers at 10.2 per game. They also rank 13th in assists per game. The huge story was Dejounte Murray been improving in his decision making. Still an elite defender who could havoc the passing lane. The fourth-year point guard out of Washington is one of the best in terms of deflections in the league. Murray has been second in the team on assists while cutting his turnover down at 1.7 per game.

One of the biggest stories for the San Antonio Spurs was Keldon Johnson who averaged 14 points per game and leading the team in rebounds with 8. He starts in all 23 games as he brings almost everything with his will to fight for every position either to score or defend. The kid brings an energy that lifts the team spirit, Johnson fighting for every rebound, making his way to the rim to score, and on the opposite end Johnson guarding the best player of the other team.

The other young guys like Lonnie Walker have shown their potential as he also averages in double figures in terms of scoring while being an underrated playmaker. The Spurs rookie Devin Vassell with limited minutes showed his worth against the big boys. If all of these guys develop the team chemistry they could make a good perfect run.

Eight Spur was scoring in double figures after Derrick White came back from an injury. The lazy offseason made this team better, the value of the future was very valuable. With DeRozan played one more season in San Antonio the coaching staff knows where to put the veteran in terms of fit which so far together with the young guys. The team needs that kind of leadership from DeMar DeRozan not only in a locker room but eventually in the court production. The Spurs also maintain future first-round picks while having a massive salary cap in the future. The Spurs had the 82nd best player in the league while critics predicted them to finish a 29-43 and missing the postseason, Gregg Popovich and his company now looked good for not getting on the bottom while rebuilding the team’s future. The Spurs are likely to be a playoff-bound team with zero risks of the future.

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