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October 22, 2020

Spurs prospect Obi Toppin to declare for NBA Draft

Dayton power forward standout Obi Toppin will declare for this year’s NBA draft. With the sports is still in question when will be back, the draft will likely to get a move. With CDC advised there’s no event for the next two months, new reports that NBA likely to get starts in late June 2020.

Obi Toppin leading the Flyers with a 29-2 record before NCAA suspended with an average of 20 points and 7.4 rebounds, they rank third in AP polls.

“He will turn pro,” one source said. “I know many NBA scouts are high on him.”

The forward currently ranks in the top 10 for some NBA mock drafts. As he led the nation 107 dunks passed last year recorded by Zion Williamson.

George Washington coach Jamion Christian says Toppin possesses a “great spirit.”

“A lot of times you see guys who are really dominant and they kind of lose their spirit to compete and play,” Christian said. “He has this superstar spirit that’s genuine that I think people are going to really love as they get to know him more. I think the best ones always have that, they have something that’s a little bit different that’s not about themselves. I don’t know if it’s like an inner arrogance, but he’s got that.”

Currently, before the season suspended the Spurs will pick 11th in the coming draft. With some pundits rank the Spurs could lose more games than winning, a top 10 is likely.

Toppin and athletic forward which fits the Spurs young squad who really loves to run in open court. A good shooting touch from a big guy who shoots 40% from the arc. A good defender with a strong upper body, the only weakness is rebounding and his age but an NBA ready for 22 years old. With the Spurs average age of players and they look like ready to be young Obi Toppin is the right prospect they’re looking for.


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