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October 27, 2020

Spurs Project: Derrick White

A huge performanced in playoffs proved that Derrick White had a bright future. He made the Spurs genius once again after 28th selection. The team expected him to put huge amount of effort and production on his third season. With his backcourt duo Dejounte Murray coming back. They are certainly a nightmare on defense.

White a high IQ player who creates opportunities. Make right decision for his teammates. In transition he quickly bring the ball down and found Aldridge down the low for an easy bucket.

He also a dangerous threat one on one in transition. With his size and quickness he took as an advantage to score. If he thinks the man guarding him is with the same position with him, then aggressively attack the rim.

Derrick White also a master in one on one match up. He bullied Jamal Murray to the rim for a points. Even a physical and athletic Westbrook exposed by White one on one. This is what the Spurs need an another option in clutch moments. Looking for every advantage.

The afro man from Colorado also moving off the ball. This is the most important things in a game. Find multiple ways to beat your man. Keep moving even without the ball the defense will confuse.

Derrick White a stud defensively one on one. What made him best is the help defense. Mostly, offensive player likely to get past his primary defender and helps comes. Having a career high in blocks with six is something amazing.

What make White special is on the ballscreen. He always take time to attack to the rim. Second option is find the cutting teammates. Survey the floor and where to take the ball for a points.

Although we’ve seen how good White attacking the rim. He had also look average when shooting threes. This is what he is working now. He said to Jabari Young that he is working now with Chip Englland. Every session he’s taking at least 500 shots.

White will be monster on both ends of the court this year or maybe next. Or the future for general. He’s a beast from game one to three of playoffs but an average in the nexy four.

This is a normal things to happen because he’s new for doing this. The skills already their and consistency is the key for him. The Spurs had a reason again to warning the league. They are coming back whoever with them.

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