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October 21, 2020

Spurs playoff hopes depend on how motivated Aldridge and DeRozan’s are


The Spurs got a chance for eight more games to continue the playoff streak. Currently, at 12th seed with half a game behind against team from 9-11. With yet to announce how those eight games will be played, it’s on the Spur’s hands to make history. With veterans like LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan, they need to put everything on their shoulders. This eight-game run could be one of the great histories in the books.

Even these two veterans are likely on their way out in San Antonio they should still fulfill their duty. To give the team a great chance to win every second they play on the court. A record-breaking 23 consecutive years in the postseason is something amazing. The two could be on the wrong side of history if the Spurs miss the playoffs. Aldridge and DeRozan could really give the team the best chance compare to others. They’re in some kind of good run prior to being a Spur. Last year the seven-game series against the Denver Nuggets is the most exciting in the first round of playoffs.

If they will learn how to regroup once again, the Spurs young guns can be a good compliment. The likes of Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, and Lonnie Walker can play well on their role if veterans like DeRozan and Aldridge can motivate with their consistency. More of the team’s losses are coming from the end game collapse. There are games against the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, or Cleveland Cavaliers that they blew a good lead in the final quarter or remaining seconds of the game. Some of that moment is DeRozan’s mistakes. If they handled it carefully they should be in winning season instead of 27-36.

These former two All-Stars aren’t on the same level as other NBA stars. But the group of guys they have was created to help them win. Maybe these Spurs are the worst in the last two decades. But again the group they have is motivated to make the record. Earlier in January this year, some members of the teams want to be in playoffs than losing the game.

Among the other four teams in the Western Conference outside of the top eight, only San Antonio had a depth roster. With every game on the line, the Spurs are motivated to reach the history which few organizations can get a chance.

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