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October 28, 2020

Spurs players who will likely get involve in a fight in the future

The Spurs are known for being a classy franchise which not involve in any major brawl in the league. The history of the NBA got a lot of fights, the most popular was the Malice in the Palace. But in the Silver and Black, only Gregg Popovich was tossed out by the referee in a very quick amount of time. Tim Duncan never responded to trash talk but ejected in a game by Joey Crawford because he laughs too much.

The young Spurs showed that they let their emotion run on the game. We have seen LaMarcus Aldridge pushing Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors. While DeMar DeRozan throwing the ball to officials’ direction because of frustrations.

Among the young squad, there are guys who we’ve witnessed that they can be involved in an altercation in the future.

Keldon Johnson

The kid’s positive attitude in a game will make him a great player someday. Johnson isn’t shy to accept the challenge in his very young career. His mentality is to help his team no matter how hard is it. This season, Luka Doncic established his name with an MVP resume but Keldon Johnson never gets intimidated when he guarded the Mavericks superstar. In one game in high school, the coach of an opposing team keeps talking trash at him. When the opponent scored against Johnson, the coach makes fun of him. But Johnson made his own good play after few possessions. Keldon looks at the coach and talks trash at him. In NBA if Johnson will make a dunk or a great play and he will mock on opponents’ faces Johnson likely to get into a fight. It’s in his personality to not backing out whatever happens.

Jakob Poeltl

The big man was very a silent type of guy who can’t do harm to others. But you’re wrong when you remember in the playoffs against the Nuggets Jamal Murray lauded his disappointment. According to him, Jakob Poeltl gives dirty screens.

And in game three after the Spurs scored in transition after he gave a screen, Murray and Poeltl almost get tangle in the middle of the court when all of their teammates went to the bench. DeMar DeRozan revealed that Poeltl set the hardest pick in the league. With this move to set teammates to get a free, soft crying player likely to argue and accuse Jakob Poeltl dirty.

Dejounte Murray

The fourth-year guard never backs down when James Harden pushed him. Murray pushed back James Harden and stared with him while pointing his finger to the Rockets star. Dejounte Murray is the first Spur likely to get engaged in a fight because of his physical defense. When he used to upset his opponents with this, each other will argue. You see on Murray’s eyes with his determination to win. So it’s understandable for the kid from Washington.

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