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October 22, 2020

Spurs Players who left because of Money

Every individual who had a great performance will be promoted. In every promotion, there is a significant increase in a paycheck. Both parties make a deal of they both agreed. The team will evaluate if the guy worth it. Spurs in the last two decades manage to settle their guys. They had the financial flexibility on everything. Front office figures it out without paying a luxury tax.

These are the guys who are valuable in the Spurs franchise but took another team because of financial shortcomings.

Stephen Jackson

In the summer of 2003 after winning a title. As a free agent, Jackson camps want to get paid. Their client had one hell of a run and they think they are the best player next to Duncan. The Spurs offer them an initial contract and they rejected it. They think it isn’t enough, Jackson wants more. He signed with the Atlanta Hawks that summer.

Cory Joseph

The Spurs withdraw their qualifying offer to Joseph in 2015. They already had Patty Mills as the backup. With Joseph who will likely to get paid after his rookie contract. It’s bad for the franchise to pay someone who is a third-stringer in rotation. Joseph signed to his hometown team the Raptors.

Marco Belinelli

On his first stop with the Spurs, he signed for a two-year deal. He quoted ” I signed with the Spurs to win, I’m not worried about the money it comes later”. Marco didn’t regret his decision as he won the three-point shoot out and a championship. When the Sacramento Kings offer him a huge contract in 2015 he grabbed it.

Boban Marjanovic

Actually, this giant from Serbia doesn’t want to leave the team. He will play at a discount, Marjanovic was a fan favorite in San Antonio. Even the Pistons offer him the money. Only Coach Pop talked to him and advice to accept the contract.

Kyle Anderson

Slow-Mo was showing rapid growth on his game. A point forward who can also defend. Even without athleticism, he used his basketball IQ to beat his man. When he became a free agent, the Grizzlies offer him a contract. Which need to be countered by the Spurs. The management didn’t do as we expected. They think that they will overpay him. Even he is too valuable in this era of basketball. Spurs not willing to take the risk.

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