September 27, 2021

Spurs’ player trade and signing options for the latest free agency

The San Antonio Spurs addresses their needs on the first day of free agency. The size and shooting that they both rank at the bottom this past season. They signed Doug McDermott to a 42 million three year deal while they add Zach Collins into a three year 22 million deal. McDermott a deadly shooter with 40% shooting career from the arc had seven years experienced in the league as he played his rookie year in Chicago Bulls then traded to Oklahoma City Thunder and also play with the New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks. He made a three year stint with the Indiana Pacers, as he averaged 13.6 points per game while shooting 38.8 percent from behind the arc. While Zach Collins played 11 games in the last two seasons, and they think this signing was a high risk high reward. The Spurs has around 29 million cap space remaining after the two additions.

The Spurs has been rumored to John Collins and Lauri Markkanen both restricted free agent, they also been linked to Kelly Oubre Jr. With John Collins can’t sign the offer sheet until the second day of the free agency, the Spurs can offer him after the first 24 hours of the free agency. It’s likely the Spurs will make an offer sheet to John Collins and they will wait for the Atlanta Hawks response if they will match to retain the power forward. Collins is the big prize in this offseason and fits with the Spurs role. He’s also only 23 year old who’s the same age as the Spurs entire roster. The big man had a solid season in the postseason after a surprising run which they reached the Eastern Conference Finals, which they lost on the six game to the Milwaukee Bucks. If this plan will fall, the Spurs likely to make a sign and trade to the Chicago Bulls for DeMar DeRozan with Lauri Markkanen as the exchange. It was reported that the Miami Heat made an offer to the Spurs for DeRozan in exchange of Andre Iguadala but the Spurs declined as they said they had a better offer. Brian Windhorst of the ESPN believed the Bulls is the team that had a best offer. The six time champion wants to add another best player to make a run in the East as they are two games behind last season to make the play in. While on the Spurs, Markkanen isn’t a bad option B if they fail to steal John Collins. He’s also a seven footer who can get buckets for the San Antonio from anywhere in the court while they leave the dirty works with Jakob Poeltl. While Kelly Oubre Jr will be likely a third option if the two moves mentioned above won’t happen.

With the two additions the Spurs roster had 11 player if we assumed that these two will close the deal, 12 if they included Drew Eubanks non guaranteed contract. Then if San Antonio can give Joe Wieskamp a contract it will be down to two roster spot. After another signings with the max contract, the Spurs likely to add Keita Bates Diop on which they extend a qualifying offer.

With the team moving on some veterans they are ready to give more responsibility on their young rosters led by Dejounte Murray. They could be the youngest team in the league with the averaged age of 22. Regardless of who they will sign this is one of the best signing in the Spurs history.

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