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October 28, 2020

Spurs need to find for another Bruce Bowen type of player to become relevant

In Spurs’ five titles they have a guy who stands out most when their All-Star needs help. Their hustle changes the momentum and complexion of the game, they bring energy every second. They defend the opposing best players, they’re tough and an enforcer.

In the first title run, Spurs got a guy like Mario Elie, Jaren Jackson Sr, and Jerome Kersey. The team also got Devean Brown, Danny Green, Glen Robinson and the most famous was Bruce Bowen. In the current Spurs roster, we can’t find like these guys mentioned above. They are full of young guys and some of them are one-dimensional offensively. When the Spurs are winning, Bruce Bowen knows his role. Play against the best of his life on defense and shoots the corner three efficiently. He’s also a vocal veteran leader which an extension by Popovich on the court. With this new Spurs, they blew most of the games because of a lack of true leader on the court. Outside of Patty Mills, Dejounte Murray and Derrick White, there’s no guy who openly communicates with the team. Losing games against the Cavaliers and Hawks this season twice made them worst.

Bruce Bowen has been one of the guys who don’t care what people will say to him. All he cares about his team on how to get better every day. Bowen’s character can influence them as he never quits. He got a career through hardwork and perseverance. He never stopped guarding a guy like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and an oversized Dirk Nowitzki.

The Spurs can find these guys in the free agency or NBA G League. It doesn’t mean that the team will be a lock-in the postseason once they can find this kind of talent. But with a veteran leader, the team can improve and help matured everyone. If a guy who can help Murray and White defensively, Spurs going to be another top team. These kids had potential but they can’t see it on Aldridge and DeRozan the leadership that they need.

The team was focused too much on how to be a scoring team. DeMarre Carroll could be like of Bruce Bowen guy but he never panned out in San Antonio. Talent can win many games, but a veteran who gone through tough battles will help them to reach the top.

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