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October 26, 2020

If the Spurs need somebody to step up it should be Pop

We witness the worst San Antonio Spurs for the last two decades. Disappointing losses to bad teams which results in a losing season. The streak is in jeopardy after being only in 12th place before coming to Orlando. Add to this miserable season, LaMarcus Aldridge has out for the season because of a knee injury. The odds aren’t on the Spurs favor as they set to face the Nuggets, Jazz, and Sixers the teams that have the best big man in the league.

With the veterans and youngs are on focus to get the goal of a playoff spot, somebody needs to step up. This everything should be in the hands of Gregg Popovich. The players are doing well but they yet to translate into wins. DeMar DeRozan had his seasons best being a scorer and a good facilitator. Although his defense is quite bad, it’s because of the rotation is the one reason why they also give up too many points. With Pop rotation, Forbes next to DeRozan could be exploited as the two ranks being the worst on defense. Nobody can help them as Dejounte Murray had to guard the best perimeter player of the opposing teams.

With Pop put big minutes to Bryn Forbes instead of Lonnie Walker IV the Spurs are sinking. Forbes gives a spacing that DeRozan and Murray needs, but that is the only thing he can do. When shots aren’t falling, the Spurs got nothing. While Lonnie Walker offers too many intangibles on the court. He’s an energy to the team every second, a good shooter, a good creator with a flash to the basket with underrated passing skills. A good on and off the ball defender which can help minimize the weakness of DeRozan. With him on the court, the Spurs are competing to win.

Popovich yet to allowed more minutes to the best defensive duo of Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. The two are fit to each other even they’re the below-average shooter. Both are capable of excellent defense, can recover to a broken defensive sequence, and can help the team defensively. Both can secure the perimeter and will force to take the ball inside which Jakob Poeltl is waiting to take over. Both can make plays for their teammates.

Then off the bench, Keldon Johnson needs more minutes than Marco Belinelli. The kid proved how good he is when given the opportunity to play. He’s another spark offensively and always stayed on the front of his man. Never take a bad shot, only selects a high percentage one. The more he stayed on the court, Spurs having a positive outcome for the short and long term.

All of these can give the team’s best percentage to win but all of these are on Gregg Popovich’s hands.

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