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October 27, 2020

Spurs need like a Boris Diaw player to make a good run

When he was a member of the Phoenix Suns seven seconds or less. He helps his team to make on the top of the standings. Until he got traded to the Charlotte Bobcats, the worst franchise that time. Boris Diaw’s work ethic questioned, he gains weight. He lacks the motivation to work with. In 2012, he got waived and the Spurs signed him for the rest of the season.

Boris Diaw was a big man who played point guard. He’s not that quick or athletic but he had a high basketball IQ. Diaw playing from the post as his strength. When you put a smaller defender via switch he will punish and look to score. If the double teams come he will look for an open man.

In 2014 as his career year he made the Spurs better in a lot of ways. In the playoffs, Diaw and Matt Bonner played a big part in Game 5 and 6 to take Serge Ibaka dominance in the paint. So Tony Parker, Ginobili, and another perimeter player can penetrate inside. The result was a win in both games.

The big man from France was a hero into San Antonio NBA Finals run. Where he was running for the finals MVP. That year Boris Diaw shooting 40% from three. He responded well with the Spurs win the next three games and the title.

With the current roster of Spurs, there is no closest on to be like Boris Diaw. LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t a good passer. While Jakob Poeltl is a good one but the ball was limited to him. The big man doesn’t a good creator, unlike Diaw. While Luka Samanic is something look like but he is too raw at this time. Trey Lyles can be like him if he put extra weight on himself.

Even a big man settling for a long-range this era. They are still effective near the basket. The best chance to put points efficiently.

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