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October 30, 2020

Spurs made it clear they want a home run for the Miami trade

With the report from Miami Herald that there’s a potential trade for the Spurs and Heat involving either DeMar DeRozan or LaMarcus Aldridge. While the Miami Heat can only offer Justice Winslow, Derrick Jones Jr and/or Kendrick Nunn, the Spurs is asking more than injury players and expiring contracts. The Heat is mostly interested in LaMarcus Aldridge who evolve to become the best big man shooting from the arc.

Justice Winslow is a great quality player when healthy. Had a size as small forward, a body of four, quickness of a shooting guard and had a vision like a point guard. But injury derailed his potential with an indefinite schedule of a return due to back injury. Derrick Jones Jr found a good career with Miami and him proving that he is more than a dunker. But the Spurs also had a lot of quality role players staying on the bench paying 7 million a year. Also Kendrick Nunn the most surprising rookie breaking the record by records. Spurs already had a lot of guards who can play both ends of the court.

The Heat can only pursue a trade to San Antonio if they give up young big man Bam Abedayo who’s on rising to greatness. Which the Spurs had a history of having a great big man to start the franchise. This makes sense as he is young, athletic can really defend and most of all cheaper on his rookie contract. Spurs will not take guys who can’t help them on a yearly basis.

Miami had no first-round pick in years so it’s not an appealing much for San Antonio. They are pushing a veteran to help them this season as they currently second-seeded in the Eastern Conference. With the roster they had, they can really make a run for the NBA Finals. Only Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks are favored than them to reach the Finals.

On the other hand, San Antonio Spurs yet to offer DeRozan an extension. Which likely the former All-Star will opt out to test the free agency. People believe the Spurs need something in return to his service than walk for nothing.

DeRozan is getting huge numbers in twelve straight games where the Spurs had a 6-6 record.

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