September 27, 2021

Spurs NEXT 15 Games is Worth Watching


Every game is important as the team want to secure a playoff spot.Even the much improving Sacramento Kings had a chance for a spot. Spurs 38 -29 now and 15 games remaining. Five opponent teams already secured a playoffs spot, four of this had a chance and and another four are tanking.

Eight is home games and 7 away, they had one of the best record at home with 26 and 7 but one of the worst on the road with 12 and 22.

Images credit to Spursfeed

They will start against Dallas Mavericks which there best player is questionable to play, and this was favor San Antonio. Next four games at home and again Spurs will likely finished 3 and 1.

Another three on the road with the red hot Houston Rockets, with Celtics and Hornets coming next and the Spurs will likely get 2-1 here.

The next seven games so important and predicted Spurs will get 5 and 2 and will likely secured the seventh seed against the Denver Nuggets.

So the Spurs will likely finish the season with 49-33 and another year of not winning 50 games but the playoff streak continues and likely to upset anyone.

Spurs are dangerous if the duo of Derozan and Aldridge keep playing on the level that what they did on there last five games. The bench steady production and Rudy Gay is healthy.

Go Spurs GO.

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