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October 23, 2020

Spurs idea of getting James Wiseman

The San Antonio Spurs needs to win at least 70% of their games to make the playoffs or need helps from others to beat Memphis Grizzlies or Portland Trail Blazers. With the tough schedule ahead, the Spurs need a consistently great game from each other. Everyone must contribute to the next level of basketball every possession. They must improve their defensive routine, veterans must set as a good example to young guys.

When Spurs losing games, we can’t stop thinking of missing for the first time of the postseason. It means the lottery ahead to start over again. There’s a lot of prospects in college and international which every team’s assigned scout.

One of the intriguing college players is forward/center James Wiseman who quit basketball in Memphis after three games. A 7-foot kid who loves to play on the paint an old school basketball. Positioned himself on the right spot to get the ball with one or two dribbles to get into the hoop. James Wiseman catching every lob pass threw into him. His feet had the quickness to defend the perimeter and catching guards. The kid has a proper timing to block shots. An excellent rebounder who boxes out his man for a defensive rebound. Plus a good touch from the line, which could be a good perimeter scorer.

So how the Spurs can pry him in the NBA Draft? Will the Spurs should keep on losing more games to secure a top ten pick. With only three college games on Wiseman’s resume, he continues to slip in the draft. With the best developmental process, the San Antonio Spurs will likely advantage of this talented kid. A good fit for the Spurs who outrebounded by athletic big in the league. With LaMarcus Aldridge had one more season in San Antonio the Spurs will likely need another big man to start over.

Another way they can get James Wiseman is via trade with picks and future picks or any player that has a good value for lottery teams to start to build on. But it’s hard to do if the best trade asset they have is only DeMar DeRozan who has a player option. Unless the Spurs will trade one of their young guns.

With the things going in Spurs franchise they need to pick wisely. Finding a great talent could be easy but the hard part is how to put into your system to strive for success in the future. James Wiseman could be the answer because of basketball really belongs to big guys.

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