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October 27, 2020

Spurs had youngs to develop, but we prefer veterans to win

San Antonio Spurs is still below .500 since two months ago. Eight games losing skid made them worst in the league. The worst they experience they had in the history of the game. Fans started to talking about trades, tanking, and firing. Looks likes playoffs for the 23rd straight season is I jeopardy.

Different reactions about the franchise for what is better. Trade veterans to get some value from them via picks. Getting assets on the draft can help select the best player. Tanking is another one to get better, believing the earlier you can pick the better. Firing Gregg Popovich believes can take the franchise in the right direction. To play the young guys, giving them a lot of minutes can make the team better in the future.

The Spurs really need young players to build the best future they can have. Dejounte Murray is already done in restrictions minutes. Derrick White getting back to his groove while getting healthy. Lonnie Walker IV slowly making his case to the rotation. The Spurs rookies continue the process to be successful trains in NBA G League. These guys really had the potential to help the team to put them on the next level. To be in contention on a yearly basis.

Also, every team needs veterans to help the wins. They had the guts to make things that younger players can’t. The Spurs had two veterans tested to help the franchise. DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge can do these things. Even they had the consistency issue, the two are a huge advantage to be on top. In the game against Memphis Grizzlies, they are excellent.

If these two could be in the best fit, Spurs is another dangerous foray round opponents. The mix of veterans and young talents is a promising one. Winning and reaching the playoffs is fuel to be a contender. That’s why they keep on signing veteran guys.

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