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October 27, 2020

Spurs Fans Should Wait for the Right time

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It’s been five years since the Spurs win the last title. Then the fans seems to be tired of it. Current roster was good but need a little improvements to fix. They need an athletic wing who can catch and shoot and defend multiple positions. A big who can bang up in the paint and can give Spurs energy and some momentum.

Imagine how do the Golden State Warriors fans that they need 30 years to win a title and opponents got injured? Although, they are the back to back champions now, they need another superstar to join them that weakened the competition.

Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers, 52 years to take the Larry O’Brien and now look at the franchise got no idea where, how and with whom to start.

On the other hand Miami Heat after a back to back titles in 2012 and 2013, they are a mediocre team. With the highest payroll, they didn’t even made the NBA playoffs.

New York Knicks the current worst franchise in terms of winnings. Taking their fate in free agency.

As a Spurs fan, we are good enough to contend in coming years. With young and athletic and hardworker players, plus veterans and coached by an immortal Gregg Popovich who reported will sign a three year deal.

We can’t deny the fact that the Spurs had the best employee in the business. They don’t need decades to figure out how to win. With a small market, superstars don’t sign here unless they’re totally washed up.

With a handful of picks overseas to develop skills, sending in G League to build confident. The Spurs bright future is coming so please be cool.

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