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October 30, 2020

Spurs fans react after the NBA suspends season due to covid19

Adam Silver announced that NBA suspends after Utah Jazz center tested positive with coronavirus disease. As of this moment his teammate Emmanuel Mundiay also positive. All Oklahoma City Thunder and Jazz players stay in the locker room wearing face masks. The Oklahoma City doctors will test them later. There are trams who also will be quarantined as they play against the Jazz recently some of them are the Knicks, Pistons, Cavaliers, Celtics, and Raptors. With said so, the G League also suspend their season.

A seriously crazy night to be on my first NBA assignment. Wow! said by Ty Jagger a radio host.

Jay Barra of Bestmansportspodcast quoted ” Man this is crazy. Everyone is shocked. Smh Rudy Gobert was acting stupid last week to mocking the virus and now the entire league suspended smdh. For real man, I can’t believe how quickly these worlds turned upside down because of it.

Fellow hist Derek Cuellar had his taught ” It’s crazy man! I’m shocked to see this virus cause so much interruption to everything.”

Coachpopdrip from Twitter provides some funny memes.

Some of the jokes that the Spurs playoff streak alive. Regardless of everything we need to check ourselves, keep clean all the time guys. Hopefully, this pandemic will be over right soon or the cure will come out quickly.

All images are shown made by coachpopdrip via Twitter.

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