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December 5, 2020

Spurs fans make fun of Perkins statement: Don’t count the Spurs out, Patty Mills can score 40

With the games in Orlando is less than two weeks before it starts, analysts and sports hosts are giving their opinions and predictions. In one segment of the NBA Jump hosted by Rachel Nichols, they talk about who’s gonna get the eighth seed in Western Conference. Some of them are in favor of the Memphis Grizzlies because of Ja Morant. While others give their money to the Portland Trail Blazers as they are fully healthy with Carmelo Anthony and Jusuf Nurkic is free of injury. While Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are one of the best scorings backcourts in the league.

One host is Kendrick Perkins gives the Spurs a chance to get the final spot. Gregg Popovich’s main reason why even without LaMarcus Aldridge.

Don’t count the Spurs out, even they don’t have LaMarcus Aldridge don’t underestimate Gregg Popovich. They can go small put Rudy Gay at five and DeMar DeRozan in four, with Patty Mills on the court. He can score 40 points, he did it on multiple occasions.”

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Fans on Twitter quickly reacted to Perkins about the “40” points that Mills did multiple times.

Kendrick Perkins said on NBA jump show today that we can’t count out Spurs’ chances to get into playing saying spurs could go small and be getting up and down, but he got me when he said “and we know mills can go for 40, we’ve seen that on many occasions.” What!?!?

@KendrickPerkins really just said the Spurs are the most dangerous team that are competing for a playoff spot… he also just said Patty Mills is capable of scoring 40+ a game and that we’ve seen him do that multiple times.. his career high is 34 points

Kendrick Perkins just went on The Jump & said Patty Mills could go off for 40 & he’s done it multiple times .. fams career high is 34

Patty Mills just scored 34 points as his career-high when they played the Golden State Warriors on April 26, 2012, as the Spurs win 107-101. Mills was remembered to score 14 points in the third quarter alone of the NBA Finals to give the Spurs enough separation so the Spurs can secure their fifth title.

When the Spurs played Rudy Gay as the center the Spurs are 2-0 against the Utah Jazz. While DeRozan is one of the heroes when he played at four against the Houston Rockets in San Antonio.

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