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October 22, 2020

Spurs failed to make any moves after the deadline; Still, focus on the playoff run

The trade season is over and the Spurs are one of the teams that failed to move anyone from the rosters. The intent to move veteran Demarre Carroll, Marco Belinelli and Rudy Gay which reported are available to anybody. Right from the start, there are no serious takers. Spurs’ role players’ value is not that high as they can’t find any team’s want to become a trade partner.

Only DeMar DeRozan had a great value for the Spurs. Which the Spurs informed the former All-Star that he will not be moved before the deadline ends. The Spurs will trade him if something offers a good return that San Antonio thinks it’s just right.

For now, they will continue to compete for the playoffs. The Spurs think getting to the playoffs gives them a chance to make the team better. They still had 32 games left on their season. Whatever the result of this season the Spurs need to reassess themselves. Need to improve a team that’s been mediocrity for the past their years. Missing playoffs means a lottery pick which they are been excellent for the years of existence. Getting an impact player within a top 15 will be a good start for the San Antonio Spurs.

They had a chance to sign good players in the market. Whatever DeRozan wants, it’s always been good to the Spurs if he stays or not. For now, they will try to get what they think is right. A playoff spot.

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