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October 25, 2020

Spurs unforgettable shot in the Finals

Spurs went to the Finals six times and won five of it. They had some close series that need a clutch shot to secure a game or a title. The Cleveland series was dominated by San Antonio and the game was not even close then the final score shows. Same with 2014 against Miami Heat it was recorded that the most lopsided series of the NBA Finals.

I reviewed every NBA Final game of the Spurs and few of them need the clutch one. Here is the best shot of Spurs that history will not forget.

Manu Ginobili Dunk over Chris Bosh

This isn’t the clutch one but the most entertaining of all. In the second quarter of Game five, the Spurs are seeking momentum. Ginobili pushes the ball and went to dunk it over the seven-footer Chris Bosh. That was a game-changer dunk that the Spurs hold the lead and secured the title.

Tony Parker Game One 2013

With the two-point lead, the Spurs went to Tony Parker to seal the game. The Spurs point guard lost his balance and the ball was almost stolen. But Parker regains his composure, he made a double-pump shot over LeBron James. The Spurs win the game but lost the series in seven games.

Avery Johnson Game Five 1999

Both teams exchanging misses in more than two minutes. With the Spurs down one, they went to Duncan on the post

waiting for a double team and kick out to Sean Elliot. With Elliott ahead of extra step he finds Avery Johnson wide open in the corner and sinks the shot with 2.1 seconds left in the game. This series against the Knicks was tough and close one.

Robert Horry Game Five 2005

The first four games of the series were decided by double figures win. It was the fifth game that people get interested in. Any team can win the game that held in The Palace. The game was close right from the buzzer until the final one.

It went to overtime when Tim Duncan missed an easy putback when Ginobili missing a layup. The Spurs are down two with Popovich make a play by a timeout. Horry inbounded the ball and Ginobili receive in the corner with Prince on him. Quickly, Sheed double-teamed Manu. The Spurs guard made a right and quick play to back to Horry for a wide-open three. Rasheed Wallace was late to recover. The Spurs went to win the game and series in seven.

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