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October 22, 2020

Spurs Best Five that can Win Games

Coaches had a gameplan for every matchup. They made the necessary adjustment to counter-attack. Which combination can beat the opponent? A group of guys that can play both sides of the court. That they can cover the weakness of each other.

The Spurs last season looks like a circus. With no regular starters because of injuries. They played Bryn Forbes as a point guard but Demar DeRozan does the task of a playmaker on the court. Sometimes it’s Jakob Poeltl or Rudy Gay depends on the matchup.

This is the best five they had that can start or closeout the game. Murray, White, DeRozan, Gay, and Aldridge. These guys were below average three-point shooters. Only White and Gay can hit an average at best. This combination has an advantage in switching. All of them can post up, and the most important thing is they can shoot in about 15 feet.

Offensively, they can still get a bucket thru cutting and pick and roll. Second-chance points and in the paint as they had a length. Spacing is not a problem as Gay and White can still shoot from the arc.


Defensively this is the best they had. Only DeRozan is the weakest but he can be an assigned to the least dangerous offensively. The two best defensive duos of Murray and White in the perimeter. Pop can’t think the problem of shooting three if they know how to stop getting a bucket. Aldridge was big-time protecting the paint.

Three playmakers in the floor sharing together. So I don’t think they had a problem. All of them can score off the ball. Five of them can get the bucket on their own. They can also control the boards.

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