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October 19, 2020

Spurs best adjustments on starting five to start winning

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Spurs are falling into a close game that they can win. For that struggle, they had one of the worst records in the Western Conference with 5-9. A slightly better than Golden State Warriors. With the six consecutive loses, if Pop willing to be competitive he must try to change the starting unit. If Pop did these things below probably he’s ideal line up that can compete for each game.

Play defense first

Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, DeMar DeRozan, Trey Lyles, LaMarcus Aldridge

With the Spurs down right from the start of the game, against the Blazers down by 20, 19 versus the Mavs. The main reason was they are bad defensively with Bryn Forbes and DeRozan. Bad matchup for these two can make easy buckets. With Derrick White, the perimeter defense will be boost which can take DeRozan on the less offensive threat on the court. The Spurs had an automatic three playmaker on the court who can also create their own shot. With White, Murray will not worry about the other offensive guru on the court. Although the shooting will be an issue but isn’t big because the three-point shot isn’t Spur’s priority. Imagine you closing the perimeter with these two sharing the floor together. They can create opportunities by transition if White starting. Popovich should not worry about the bench, they had a lot of weapons if he willing to extend Demarre Carroll.

Go for big on offense and defense

Dejounte Murray, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay/ Demarre Carroll, Trey Lyles, LaMarcus Aldridge

OK, DeRozan scored for San Antonio but he gave more points than he does and it’s bad. You heard what analytics saying about him. But don’t forget that he is playing out of his original position plus the factor of fatigue as he is the secondary playmaker also. When he comes back to his original position, he much better offensively. Also, he can limit his mistakes defensively as he assigned to much smaller guards.

Also if Pop uses Rudy Gay as he made last season which they did better. Gay is a mismatch defensively he is big that can bully his man. He is the most consistent player off the bench for the team. He isn’t great defensively but still, he had is long enough to bother his man. The offense that he can help his team is enough to make them better. While Carrol the man that Spurs signed for three years deal worth 21 million. The fans favorite to see on the court playing hard nose defense for San Antonio. His impact as we witnessed in the game against the Mavs is a warrant that he can play better. Carroll gives the Spurs the versatility on the defensive side of basketball. Four positions he can lock it up if he stayed more on the court. That’s a lot of basketball. Offensively, he isn’t the same as before but still can give his team valuable spacing on three and other things.

The very big five

Murray, White, DeRozan, Aldridge, Poeltl

Insert Jakob Poeltl with them and the Spurs are dangerous defensively. These five are to favor the effectiveness of Aldridge offensively as a four. The Spurs lone All-Star for the last two seasons playing comfortably at his natural position. His focus is on scoring as the big man from Austria had eyes on the defensive end and closing the paint and the rim. Poeltl also not shy to extend his legs on the transition when the Spurs need to run both ends of the court.

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