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October 19, 2020

SPURS are perfect, except for Pau Gasol


Spurs are model of any NBA team or any sports in history. They build there franchise with great players George Gervin, David Robinson and Tim Duncan. They found gem every time , Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and recently Dejounte Murry , Derrick White and Bryn Forbes.

Even now a days where Superteam created and best players switch teams, the Spurs give reward to their own player a better contract. They rewarded Ginobili in his last years in NBA. They also made it to Pau Gasol two seasons ago. Pau is a good player back in years, had two championships with the Lakers as Kobe’s Robin.

That contract, look worst when he is playing less now with the emergence of Jacob Poeltl a young center acquired from the trade last June. He had the third highest payroll with the team and partially guaranteed next year.

The Spurs give too much reward for a Center that decline is coming and can’t move well on today’s NBA. It is hard for the team to find a suitor who can take his contract. For the Spurs to do this is to had some cap next year on free agency and can play a little well.

If they are going to get rid of Pau’s contract they need to attached a first round pick, which they are needed now for rebuild. Nobody to take a gamble on that kind of contract that his service can’t be used.

This mistake found Spurs had some weakness. When others talking them that they can’t make the playoff, and their defense is worst for the first 25 games and now they are winning and fighting up to third seed, that’s make them special. But Pau Gasol haunting them now.

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