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October 30, 2020

Spurs are Happy With DeRozan, Even the No. 2 in Toronto was ballin’


The No. Two from Toronto is playing real basketball on his career. Maybe this is the result of a rest he took last season. Where his team can’t find him on home or road games. His team now enjoyed a postseason run while the Spurs on early exit again in back to back years. While fans still in doubt if DeRozan can led the team to a success.

There is no second thought on my mind that the trade with these two, is clearly a win for the Spurs. A temporary setback, but in near future the team will compete with a healthy squad. Popovich much love talent, but he want some character into his team. Remember in 2013, he chooses to cut Stephen Jackson before the NBA Playoff started.

DeRozan don’t had yet a playoff success in the past years with the Raptors unlike the one who the Spurs gave up. He was a Finals MVP, a two time Defensive Player of the Year and a champion. But remember this things, he did it when the Big Three playing. Although he won the Finals MVP, it is Tony Parker closed out the deal in fourth when Miami Heat threatening a comeback.

Look at this, after an explosive season in 2015 the Spurs just managed to be a sixth seed only and the match up was favorable to the Spurs this guy was disappeared. Can you picture out how supposed to be a young and athletic franchise player, will dominate the series? But no, Tim Duncan the oldest man in the planet was the one playing well since Game 1. Dominated Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in any part of the court.

In 2017, he got injured and who closed out the series against the Houston Rockets, Aldridge and the young players with Manu Ginobili. He didn’t played at least 80 games into his career. He is not healthy at all, even his mind isn’t.

The only thing that DeRozan advantage with him is he isn’t going to back down. Demar not going to quit with his guys, with his fans. The character that he put on his team will be get a good result on a long term basis. We need to support and accept that as a fan talent isn’t good enough.

DeRozan will figure it out how to win on the highest level of competition. Because the Spurs are winning in the last two decades of playing basketball.

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