August 4, 2021

Spurs are going to be fine even without DeRozan

Having a bad season after a long dominance the Spurs are in an unfamiliar place with less than 30 games left. They are in tenth place at the Western Conference with four games behind the Memphis Grizzlies. Spurs had enough games to figure out if they can make a run for an eighth spot. If not for the first time in 22 years they can be in the lottery.

San Antonio has a lot to do this summer an extension for DeMar DeRozan or they want to walk him away and sign elsewhere. Another one is big man Jakob Poeltl who set to be an unrestricted free agent which Spurs need to match any offer to keep him. The big one question is DeRozan who leads the Spurs in scoring and assists. But some pundits believe DeMar DeRozan is the one reason why Spurs young players struggling.

In two games where the former All-Star were out Dejounte Murray is balling out. The more responsibility and being the second option offensively made him effective. Murray gains a lot of confidence in being a point guard. With DeRozan, he’s tentative to play as a point because of DeMar needs touches to be effective. Which not fit Murray’s playing style as he also needs touches. Both of them are not as effective as a catch and shoot player.

Without DeRozan, it opens the opportunity to Lonnie Walker IV who can replace at the starting unit. The Spurs went effective on those two games even the last one is a loss. One of the reasons is Spurs had another defensive player next to Dejounte Murray. Even Walker a small on his role his basketball IQ is good enough against bigger opponents. Offensively this kid doesn’t need the ball to make an impact. As he is a willing three-point shooter.

The Spurs relied on heavily Murray and Derrick White on the final quarter to keep the lead. Two playmakers with above-average defensive instincts. Both can make a clutch stop on any premier wing. A luxury for San Antonio having these two guys.

This is the time to give Spurs young a responsibility to be on their own. They are the future they must step up right now. They should be accountable for every game.

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2 thoughts on “Spurs are going to be fine even without DeRozan

  1. NO QUESTION the Spurs would be fine without DeRozan… better off, even, I would say. These past two years we’ve seen a hideous, slow-mo, ball-stuck style of basketball that is antithetical to what the championship Spurs did just a few years ago. With DeRozan, the ball goes into the Black Hole, and it usually doesn’t come out.

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