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October 21, 2020

Spurs are forever grateful to No. 2

Guys who wear jersey number two with the Black and Silver been a huge part of the first and third championship run. They have been a fan favorite in San Antonio even in a short period of time.

First, it was Jaren Jackson Sr who’s been a big part of the Spurs’ first title ran. He played for the San Antonio Spurs from 1997 to 2001. In the second round of 1999 playoffs, Jackson scored 22 and 20 points in games three and four to swept the Los Angeles Lakers. Then a spectacular 19 points in game three of the Western Conference Finals to help the Spurs win and a huge 3-0 advantage against the Portland Trail Blazers that also swept by the Spurs. Jaren Jackson Sr consistently help the Spurs in the Finals as a primary sixth man of the team. The Game one of the NBA Finals Jackson hit 5 3s as he scored 19 for the game. Then in a very close game five, he helps the Spurs by hitting 3 three-point shots.

Jaren Jackson Sr had his performance for a lifetime that every Spurs fans can’t forget. Assigned to guard the best perimeter player of the opposing team when Mario Elie isn’t on the floor. The Spurs are forever thankful that Jackson becomes an inspiration. It’s good to see that an unknown talent had been part of a dynasty in the making that others can’t duplicate.

Then the final one is Nazr Mohammed which the Spurs acquired from the New York Knicks in 2005 via trade. The Spurs gave up a fan favorite Malik Rose to give some size and help to Tim Duncan. The big man has been huge in rebounding especially on the offensive boards that give the team second chances to score. In the first round alone he averages 4.1 offensive rebounds per game against the Denver Nuggets. Then in the second round, he helps contain Jerome James of the Seattle SuperSonic a guy who disrespected Tim Duncan after Sonics win in-game three. Nazr Mohammed steps up offensively in the game five and six of the series after he scored 19 and 12 points. In the finals, he didn’t do the scoring but give the team energy and hustle against Rasheed and Ben Wallace. He gives Duncan some breather to focus on the offensive ends. The big man knows his role effectively that help the Spurs secured their third title.

These two aren’t like the other guys who played long enough and made their marks. They are just the guys who workhard to help their teammates win. These two remain great in the heart of San Antonio.

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