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October 30, 2020

Spurs and DeRozan is a perfect fit so an extension is only right

DeMar DeRozan is on a streak to be an ALL Star since Memphis Grizzlies game before Christmas. Currently, a twelve game streak with 20+ points and 50% field goal. Within that span, the Spurs are just 6-6 with one game behind eighth-seeded Memphis. The good things are they beat three of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference. Two of the leagues best Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics which they win convincingly. They give a hell of a run in Miami until they can’t find a bucket in the fourth quarter.

DeRozan contract extension is yet to offer but rumors that in due time the Spurs will do. The former All-Star is playing on another level of basketball, maybe the best of his career. He is an all-around guy for San Antonio offensively. Playing as a point guard is a great improvement for the guy who is known for scoring. Then scoring on the very efficient way is perfect, he’s not rushing or forcing for his points. He mastered everything when is the right spot for him. A great number in the last twelve games 28.5 points with 75.5% shooting. Because of DeRozan, the Spurs is sixth in scoring, third in field goal percentage and suddenly fifth in three points.

By locking DeMar DeRozan for the next four or five years is a huge thing for San Antonio Spurs. They’re both fit for each other which love the midrange and only shoots on three if needed. With San Antonio, DeRozan is a matured man who’s getting better. With the 11 year veteran, the Spurs next generation of stars had plenty of things to learn. With the guys next to him play on the same backcourt with him. Dejounte Murray who is raw offensively, using DeRozan’s guidance to use the midrange could be a great addition. The kid can be a monster if his offense level up. Same with Derrick White, who needs to be consistent on his playmaking duty. Then the most exciting Spurs Lonnie Walker IV who loves to run and use his athleticism. With DeMar guiding him to maximize his ability in the air will be a huge one.

It’s not always a home run for San Antonio to be on top. They need a long process to keep the group to become competitive. DeRozan on his second year is getting better, while Murray just coming back from a major injury. Derrick White just embracing a good role for him while Lonnie just making a leap to himself but yet to find more minutes despite great potential.

It’s hard for San Antonio to find another elite scorer on a nightly basis in the market. So locking him up is just a step to build another great team in the future. If the Spurs can find a quality small forward in the market, draft or Keldon Johnson is ready to play for that role. The Spurs can find an upgrade in two guard positions. WHich DeRozan’s original role since 2009. Matching up with smaller guys will the best for him.

This is why the Spurs need to extend an All NBA talent with a lot of great things left on him.

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