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October 27, 2020

Spurs already rebuilding since a year ago

When Adrian Wojnarowski the source of all sources appeared to ESPN NBA with Zach Lowe to talk about the San Antonio Spurs. They discussed the franchise needs to start rebuilding now by trading veterans. The like of LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay and Patty Mills for exchange of picks or young players. They believe the Spurs is far from the current trend of the league. But the Spurs is already in rebuilding mode since a year ago. When Kawhi’s Uncle engages himself to make their way out to San Antonio.

San Antonio is just looking for consolation after they demanded a trade. They get a scorer in DeMar DeRozan, defensive stud Jakob Poeltl and a pick which turned to be Keldon Johnson. A talented scorer with the quality defense on his resume.

The Spurs are in different directions of rebuilding. They aren’t the Sixers who are in years of tanking or the Knicks that relied on luck. Look at what happened to New York a disaster.

The Spurs made a team that people didn’t really notice. They had on their own path how to do it with perfection. The Golden State Warriors had the same direction almost, build through the draft. They win from it but they need another guy from free agency to be dominant. After that, they went to be the NBA’s worst when Kevin Durant signed elsewhere. Klay Thompson’s injury last NBA Finals and Stephen Curry’s broken hand the bad luck continue. Add into it the Warriors paying another huge luxury tax for consecutive years.

The Spurs don’t usually buy people to let play in Spurs uniform. Only those committed to giving their best for the franchise.

If we follow closely since the 2016 NBA Draft the Spurs picked five teenagers, only 19 years old, in three of four drafts. Only Derrick White is 23 since he played as a senior in Colorado. Murray is a raw kid from Washinton with full of potential. Which now the Spurs starting point guard. Lonnie Walker IV shows improvement recently that helps him crack the rotation. The other three rookies in Austin Spurs playing there to be at best when they’re ready.

These groups of guys had a talent that perfect for today’s era. They can shoot, play the point, pass and most of all defend on the next level. Following Keldon Johnson and Luka Samanic is worth watching. Quindarry Weatherspoon could be developed into a good role player with upside in defense. Think of these guys, Murray, Walker, White, Jakob, Johnson, Samanic, and Wetherspoon. These guys are completely dominant, four of them are proving their worth with the Spurs.

The team is chasing the playoffs not get the records but to get the best of their current young squad. They will face top best in the postseason, a big challenge. Games matter every second, every hustle and every breath. For veterans like Aldridge and DeRozan, the Spurs is unlikely to make a midseason trade. Coaching staff fixes it by themselves alone on how to work things out of it.

The media is talking about things that happened in recent years. People got no idea what to be a Spur.

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