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October 21, 2020

Why we should not worried about the Spurs defense

San Antonio Spurs gave up 114.3 points through three games. Even they had a premier talent on defense with Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and a good rim protector with LaMarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl. But I don’t think this could be an issue for the team. The Spurs step up when they need it most. In the fourth quarter of the first game against the Knicks when they’re down. The Spurs went to an 18-0 run, the Knicks went scoreless in more than five minutes. That was a good defense lead by Dejounte Murray. The last game that the Spurs down big early versus the Blazers, Murray leads an excellent defense. With Damian Lillard exploded for early 10 points. Since then, the All NBA point guard talent went scoreless for the next 30 minutes. It’s tough to guard Lillard because he can score from any part of the court. If you want some proof you can ask Paul George. When a good scorer can’t find his bucket even in a single free throw you called it EXCELLENT.

The Spurs already played three games equivalent to 8,640 seconds but the two best defenders of Murray and White just played 5 seconds together. Yes, this is not a typo error for FIVE SECONDS. In math, the actual numbers are .0006 of 1. But that five seconds sealed a win for San Antonio means it will be a lot of damage if Pop will unleash both of them. They will be a nightmare to opposing team’s guards and wings.

Then their usage rate isn’t the same as another star. Dejounte average 23 minutes as a starter. While Derrick White with just 24 minutes per game off the bench. Once Murray healthy, Pop can increase his minutes. The more he stays on the court the better results in defense. His defensive rating is 100 per 100 possession. A long and athletic guard that excelled on his defensive assignment. In every game, he had stolen a ball guarding the passing lane.

With early on this season Pop yet to figure out how to use Demarre Carroll. Of course, the Spurs not signed him for three years just to put him on the bench. DeMarre Carroll a perfect 3 and D specialist. For sure he will figure out how to contribute with this team. Most likely he will boost the front line of San Antonio.

The Lonnie Walker IV experiment is yet to see the effect. He is a scoring guard that one of the best defenders as an individual. He just played five minutes in three games. With Popovich cleared that Dejounte had to sit with back to back games expect Walker to fill the void. With this moment he will have confidence in himself until he’s doing what the coaching staff wants for him to do. This kid is physically and athletically gifted. For now, the veteran presence of Marco Belinelli is what we’ve seen.

When these guys played significant minutes the defense will be scary. A top ten for sure. With Aldridge and Yak is one of the best in the rim. The perimeter defense once again will help the Spurs back on top.

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