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October 27, 2020

Shaun Livingston Retires after 15 seasons

From a lottery pick to career-ending injury to a journeyman and to a champion. Injury fades his hope to stay in the NBA. He was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers as fourth overall picks in 2004. He was the last high schooler to make a name in the league. With a 6’7″ size and frame of 6’11” he set to revolutionize the point guard position with his athleticism.

On his third season seeking his potential, he suffers a catastrophic knee injury on February 26, 2007. His left leg seemingly came apart as he tore his ACL, PCL, and lateral meniscus sprained his MCL and dislocated his patella. People think that time if he can walk again or he can play another basketball game in the NBA.

The next whole season he let his body recover but after that, he finds no team. After the Clippers didn’t make a qualifying offer to him after his rookie contract. He played for eight NBA teams. In the 2010-11 season, he played a career-high 73 games in Charlotte Bobcats. But as a Brooklyn Nets in 2014, he made his case as he recovers from injury. Shaun Livingston helps the Nets on a second-round exit. He played as a sixth man. After that season he was signed to the Golden State Warriors coming off a first-round exit.

The Warriors think he can be a good back up to Stephen Curry. He was signed for a three year 16 million. Livingston was a valuable contributor off the bench and win the championships three times in his five years as a Warrior.

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