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November 24, 2020

Selling Rudy Gay could be beneficial for San Antonio’s long term goal

As the franchise approaching towards a new era, Spurs CEO RC Buford “hinted” significant changes and will be opportunistic on everything. San Antonio drafted four teenagers since 2016 in the first round, only Derrick White at 23 when he selected back in 2017 as he finished the four-year program in Colorado. The Spurs averaged age is 26, the youngest since Gregg Popovich takes over the coaching job.

It’s pretty obvious that the Spurs aren’t a contender for the next season. They have great young guys leading by Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. So it just makes sense if they unload some veterans in the roster that could be turned into an asset. Among these guys, Rudy Gay is the easiest to move given to his expiring deal. The forward is perfect for a team that likely to contend. The asking price maybe not too high that anybody thinks a future first-round pick is worth giving up. LaMarcus Aldridge also another one but the Spurs will ask for more than we’re expected due to his caliber as a player. Then Patty Mills won’t be move as he’s the one who could identify as a leader by the organization.

Rudy Gay started slow this season after San Antonio rewarded him a contract last offseason. But in the seven-game, he played in the bubble the veteran average 17.8 points per game at 48% shooting from the field and 47% from the three. Gay at his age of 34 with Achilles injury 3 years ago has some gas left in the tank. The 13-year veteran is still valuable that can score on his own. The forward had enough size who can take a smaller guard and quickness against bigger opponents. In his three years in San Antonio, he becomes a more efficient player who chooses which is the perfect spot for him to operate. Rudy Gay isn’t fearless anymore but he improved his intellectual awareness to involve teammates.

The Spurs can deal Rudy Gay at any contenders like Golden State Warriors. The former champion had a trade exemption worth 17 million. Dubs can give up future picks for Rudy Gay to give them more depth. Also, a Brooklyn Nets who will be healthy next season. When the entire season starts it will be ground in more back to backs due to a delayed start. They need another back up to make Kevin Durant healthy all season.

When the Spurs free up Rudy Gay, it could lead to playing time with some young guys who played the same with his position. The second-year Keldon Johnson could benefit. As the more, he stays on the court Johnson produced good results. In just seven games he efficiently scored a career-high in scoring with 24 points in a must-win game. Another is Luka Samanic who’s begging for his minutes. Maybe he’s not yet ready but the last game of the bubble is the reason why the Spurs invested in him. The kid from Croatia will show up every night next season when Rudy Gay isn’t on Black and Silver uniform. Then the future picks could help San Antonio due to the record they did in the past.

Rudy Gay earned a lot of respect in people of San Antonio for playing well after his MCL injury. He’s one of the fans favorites but the Spurs need some changes and Gay is one of the first casualties.

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