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October 22, 2020

Season Preview: Spurs should worry or are they worried about the Spurs?

Another season is coming with the Spurs trying to make to the playoffs for 23 straight years. With a lot of superstars switching teams, San Antonio is still the same familiar face. No major changes in the roster with Dejounte Murray return from injury. They just signed veteran Demarre Carroll and Trey Lyles as another addition together with the rookies from the draft. The lack of splash didn’t help the Spurs to be top teams in the eyes of NBA experts.

With the Los Angeles Clippers who won the free agency by adding two premiere talents, they favored winning the title. While the Lakers traded for Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook to Houston Rockets. These teams were heavily favored by Las Vegas to take the crown. Also with the media who love to talk the Los Angeles. Networks love guys who can score 40 point games. They think these are the good players that can compete.

This season the question is do the Spurs look worried? Lot of predictions that they will miss the postseason for the second time in the Gregg Popovich era. The only best they had been a seventh-seeded team. One of the reasons for this is they don’t have guys who can consistently score 26 per night. They had only LaMarcus Aldridge which is already 34 years old, DeRozan who doesn’t hit three. The Spurs roster was a mixture of young and veteran.

Or we change the narrative as the other 29 teams are worrying about San Antonio. Okay to accused of being bias isn’t fair. The Spurs only had the best coach in the history of the game. The most important thing about them is they are fully healthy.

The most important position of the point guard was able to back and just extended today for another four years. Their main man Aldridge can still give 19 and 8 consistently while defending the paint. He could be an All-Star again if he continues to hit his midrange. The other one DeRozan is on the right focus eager to prove his worth with the team. Yes, he will not shot a ton of three like do we want him to do but he will continue to be a creator to his guys.

Speaking of splash the Spurs doesn’t have impressive numbers in the regular season. But the Derrick White explosion in Game three of the playoffs isn’t a fluke. Prior to that game, he made a defensive steal to seal the game and a poster dunk to Paul Millsap. He showed how he can bully big guards like Jamaal Murray. How tough guarding him when the smaller man takes on him.

While Jakob Poeltl had significant improvements in preseason on his offensive game. He looks aggressive to score when he had the ball. Defensively he still underrated who can deny anybody in the paint. Another underrated is Bryn Forbes who still shooting above average. This kid improving in every arsenal of his offense. The Spurs had everything they needed to throw in every match up in any given night. They still had Patty Mills, Rudy Gay, Demarre Carroll, Marco Belinelli and of course this kid from Reading Lonnie Walker IV. The Spurs had a luxury of depth other than any team in the league. These guys can give you 8-15 points per game or a great hustle on every position.

As we say the team can’t run well if they don’t have a point guard. Dejounte is healthy again and ready to be a pain in the ass on every opposing perimeter player. He’s long, tough, and very intelligent on defense. Saving two points is great just ask the Denver Broncos in 2016 against the New England Patriots on their way to the Super Bowl. His offense was almost perfect having confidence in his outside shot. The Spurs having another two way player on the rise with him.

The Spurs is a franchise committed to winning. Competing on every level no matter who is the person with the team. Another season full of surprises most of all the Spurs can surprise the league with a hell of a run.

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