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October 27, 2020

San Antonio Spurs needed LaMarcus Aldridge to be SUCCESSFUL


Everytime Lamarcus plays well, mostly Spurs win. The attention he gained from others made it easier for his teammates to do their job. With eight games left and no possible opponent yet in first round, the fans should not bother who they face.They need Aldridge to be consistent on his job as the Spurs main man.

As Demar DeRozan improves as a playmaker he is not worried about his scoring, he knows how to set up his teammates to score.

Let us assume the current top four teams remain when playoffs start.

If Spurs face the Golden State Warriors, it will be three years in a row where the Spurs lost in last two but their players was injured. Unlike now, DeRozan is the second best option for the Spurs. If defending champion focuses on Aldridge, they can throw bodies with Demarcus Cousins, and I think Aldridge can win this match as cousins never been best on this side of the court and Andrew Bogut, but he can’t stay on the court. Draymond Green, their best defender in the post but his just a 6’7″ and too short. Yes he looks like a DPOY if he defend someone like Dame Lillard or shorter players or any big player that don’t know how to shoot. But against the Spurs big I’m having fun to watch him. He will likely push Aldridge outside of the paint and escape some calls.

Denver is the match you want to watch with the Spurs as lack of experience will be the key. Nikola is so good offensively, but no one with this line up can catch Aldridge. Paul Millsap the best was lack of body to defend him.

How about the Houston Rockets, they had their 50 points man and you know he did it all. James Harden can’t score all series long like he scored 61 last time.

The Portland Trailblazers, if they face this team the Spurs will likely win the series. Yes Damian Lillard was so good to stop, but Derrick White can stop him most of the time. Aldridge will likely love this match up against Jusuf Nurkic, and Spurs know how to adjust defensively.

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