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November 26, 2020

Rumors: DeMar DeRozan doesn’t like San Antonio

In a recent survey of The Athletic to the NBA Agents, one of them answered that DeMar DeRozan stays in San Antonio is likely over.

“DeMar doesn’t like San Antonio and doesn’t want to be there.”

They also added he could be on another team which is the Detroit Pistons who got enough cap space to sign DeRozan once he opt-out. Which they believed that Dwane Casey had a good relationship with the Spurs forward. The two had a good run in Toronto for the past which they reached the Eastern Conference Finals in 2016 before losing to six games against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Although DeMar DeRozan denied those reports in his IG account it’s hard to believe after another guy in the past Kawhi Leonard stays committed himself in San Antonio until one day he demanded to get traded.

The former All-Star has been the Spurs leading scorer for the past two seasons. DeRozan averaged 20,5 and 5 while shooting more than 50% from the field. He got a player option worth 27.7 million, which he could opt-out and looking to sign elsewhere either restructure his contract to get secured financially.

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