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October 23, 2020

Rui Hachimura the biggest sleeper in the Draft

A Japanese prospect who played baseball on his young years. When they move to New York he start to watch movies like Fast and Furious. Then his classmate advice him to play basketball.

In Gonzaga he scored 20 points per game and 8 boards with 2 assists per game.

In this NBA draft he’s projected to be as high as top five earlier, or maybe an early as 20the pick. Hachimura was the best big man prospect in this years draft. Can score on the post using his advantage. This kid had great stroke from perimeter. Inconsistent three his only weakness but he can developed this in NBA. Being a mobile big man his skills offensively doesn’t limited to the post. He can score by cutting for a lay up or pick in roll.

With his three years in college he is the best after grabbing a rebound. Because of good handling skills, Hachimura can score in coast to coast or sitting up his teammates.

Even his not good defensively, he isn’t a liability. As he proved this in a game against Duke that he saves the game defensively. With high IQ he is standing straight up to make a block or bother somebody driving the lane.

Hachimura prove that he help whoever pick him. That some teams already had insure him that they will choose as he skip the workout. In FIBA under 16, he help Japan to a third place finished.

As the best prospect from Japan, he is eager to prove his worth. Hachimura want to put his country in basketball map. This guy want to inspire anyone from the world or Asia that NBA is open for those who work hard.

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