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October 27, 2020

Rudy Gay will Better Move off the bench

Playing best of his career in San Antonio, after two seasons the Spurs awarded him a two year 32 million contract. His percentages raised up as he shoots 40% from the three and made more than half of his field goal.

Rudy Gay was a mismatch if he plays his natural position. With 51 starts last season, the Spurs win 42 of it and had 9 double-doubles. We already said that Gay will be a factor in a playoff game. The Spurs was a little short last postseason run. Gay played well in the game seven.

It’s looking better if the team puts him as a sixth man. With the starting five of Murray, White, DeRozan, Carroll, and Aldridge. As the Spurs will rely on depth there is no other team in the league that Gay can give to the Spurs. The Clippers and Rockets had Williams and Gordon respectively but the Spurs had an advantage with Gay’s position.

Demarre Carroll is a better shooter than Gay who doesn’t really need the ball on his hands to help the team. The Spurs had four starters who can make a play to each other. So it’s good to put one more consistent three-point shooter on the team.

With Gay off the bench, he can lead the team. Together with Mills, Belinelli, and Poeltl or Walker. These guys, not a ball-dominant who can spread the floor. With Rudy Gay’s tendency to play isolation. He is a perfect fit for the second unit. The team can still make a bucket while the starting five on the bench.

Most of the team’s second unit is to put the scoring load. Then it’s right for the coaching staff to put Gay in the second unit.

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