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October 24, 2020

Rudy Gay silently proving his worth

Spurs bench was special for the past few years. With Rudy Gay on his third year in San Antonio, he gives the team the flexibility on offense.

He’s not the pre injured Memphis Grizzlies Rudy Gay but with the Spurs he’s efficiency was great. With back to back games, Rudy Gay leads the bench run. The first time they win against the Warriors which he keeps his team on top. Against the Lakers, he leads the run to keep the game close.

With his size, he creates mismatches on the court. Posting smaller defender which he’s athletic with a good length creates for himself. The good thing is Gay was matured enough to not forcing his low percentage shot the long-contested midrange. He’s aware of where to put himself to had a chance. His three-point shot is great which he only takes when it’s necessary. Rudy Gay beat a big man off the dribble from outside of the paint. On his career in Spurs uniform, he also improved as a playmaker.

He rewarded a new contract last offseason with 2 years 32 million. He is a steady contributor veteran. Rudy Gay silently doing his job to help his team if his fellow veterans come flat out. He is not going after his numbers but how to help his team to win. The game seven of the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets shows he can still valuable piece of a good team.

The guy doesn’t lose his confidence when he goes down with a horrible injury of his career. Signing with the Spurs three seasons ago was the best thing he did into his career. The luxury of having Rudy Gay on the team is a huge prize. He could be a starter on any team due to his production alone.

With him on the court, he made the Spurs eight points better. Which he is committed to playing good defense. The 12 points, 8 boards and 3 assists per game is a worthy production for just 23 minutes.

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